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"Khanna has written an objective and insightful comparison of China and India. His analysis of Indian developments is particularly outstanding, because it is based on his firsthand experiences in India. But he does not hold back in his praise of Chinese successes. The result is a very fair-minded report on the two Asian giants."-- Foreign Affairs

Billions of Entrepreneurs

"Khanna delivers a dense but lively blend of anecdotes and analysis. He shows how entrepreneurial spirit is transforming both these countries not only economically, but strengthening ties between the two." -- Newsweek

Much attention is being paid to business opportunity in China and India, the world's most populous nations. According to Tarun Khanna, it's the new entrepreneurial emergence of these two nations that will have the greatest impact on business, politics, and global society as a whole. 

Billions of Entrepreneurs is an elegantly written book that mixes on-the-ground stories with thorough research to show how Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs are creating change through new business models, and bringing hope to countless people across the globe.

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