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An easy-to-read, pocket-sized primer on brief coaching basics.

Coaching Plain & Simple

This is a highly practical and condensed introduction to solution-focused coaching, offering a simple and clear structure for coaching sessions that is easy to learn. Content is illuminated through exemplary dialogues from real coaching sessions and bullet-point toolboxes for greater variety of choice. Narrative explanations create a helpful framework for understanding the general idea of coaching and the practicalities of the solution focused approach. Several illustrating graphs and symbols give the book an easy to read, light touch. The book targets beginners in coaching who are looking for simple guidance and step-by-step ideas in their learning process.

Topics include: What is coaching? • Coaching―simple, concise and effective • Overview: Major elements of the coaching conversation • Contracting―before you start • Coaching agreement for the first session • Preferred Future • Resources and forerunners of solutions • Small steps and clues of upcoming progress • Session conclusion • Follow-up sessions • Brief coaching of executives―three examples • Beyond technique―continuous learning as a coach

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